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Analysis and Enlightenment of Bilibili’s Japanese Blogger Tomohiro Yamashita's Cross-Cultural Communication Short Video Works

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.011


Jiawei Chen, Xiaomei Qiu

Corresponding Author

Jiawei Chen


In the mobile Internet era, cross-cultural communication and communication have ushered in more diversified and richer carriers. A group of international communication actors who are active on (transnational) Internet platforms and have the ability to gather traffic-”Red Anchors”. The video works created by them cross ideological barriers and meet the cognitive needs of ordinary netizens for different civilizations. Based on the sample analysis of Tomohiro Yamashita's video works, this paper analyzes from three aspects: dissemination audience, dissemination content, and dissemination strategy. In terms of dissemination audiences, the audience is positioned with young groups who are highly receptive to Japanese ACG culture. In terms of dissemination content, based on the analysis of linguistic and non-linguistic symbols, a narrative paradigm close to the young audience is constructed, and narrative expression is realized in the context of the comparative differences between Chinese and Japanese cultures. In terms of communication strategies, based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory, emotional identity and cultural cognition of cross-cultural communication are realized.


Tomohiro yamashita, Short video, Cross-cultural communication, Semiotics, Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory