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Research on the Training Mode of Compound Spanish Talents

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.010


Yiming Chen, Yi Wang

Corresponding Author

Yiming Chen


Entering the 21st century, the times are changing rapidly, the technology is constantly innovating, and the demand for talents in the society is also constantly changing. Meanwhile, talents with only one skill can no longer stand in this rapidly warming social “melting pot”. Obviously, as far as foreign language talents are concerned, especially for the increasing demand of “minority languages”, how to give full play to their advantages is one of the focuses of foreign language research in colleges and universities at present. I know that the demand for compound Spanish talents is gradually increasing as a graduating Spanish major. The teaching mode of Spanish should also be reformed according to the development of the times, and should not be satisfied with a single language talent training mode.


Spanish, Compound talents, Teaching mode, Reform