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Research on Online and Offline Mixed Teaching Mode of College Employment Guidance under the Background of Internet +

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.005


Jianhua Wu, Zhaopeng Cui

Corresponding Author

Jianhua Wu


With the advent of the Internet plus era, the traditional university employment guidance teaching mode has not been applied to the employment guidance of modern college students. How to set up a scientific and reasonable employment guidance course is a problem to be solved in Colleges and universities. Therefore, starting from the actual demand of College Students' employment, this paper studies the mixed teaching mode of the university employment guidance line under the Internet plus background. This paper analyzes the Internet plus social and educational changes, and analyzes the shortcomings of the traditional employment guidance teaching mode. Choose the online and offline mixed teaching mode as a new teaching method, focus on the problems that should be avoided in the design of the online and offline teaching mode, so as to design the online and offline mixed teaching mode of university employment guidance, realize the mixed teaching by using the preview at the front of the class, the simulation of classroom recruitment and the discussion and communication after class, and optimize the strength of teachers and strengthen the interaction after class, Continuously improve the mixed teaching mode and improve the effectiveness of university employment guidance.


Internet +, College career guidance, Online and offline, Mixed teaching mode, Discussion and communication after class, Recruitment simulation