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The Application of Mathematical Modeling in e-Commerce Mode in Digital Marketing Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.004


Yiren Liu, Xinyu Liang, Yiren Liu

Corresponding Author

Yiren Liu


“Digital economy is the main economic form following agricultural economy and industrial economy. It is a new economic form with data resources as the key element, modern information network as the main carrier, integrated application of information and communication technology and digital transformation of total factor as the important driving force to promote more unity of fairness and efficiency. The rapid development speed, wide radiation scope and unprecedented impact of the digital economy are driving profound changes in the way of production, life style and governance, and becoming a key force in reorganizing global factors and resources, reshaping the global economic structure and changing the pattern of global competition.At the same time, in the wave of digital technology, many enterprises accelerate the transformation, and optimize the digital marketing methods constantly. On the one hand, the technological upgrading brought about the 5G era, and the development of big data provides fertile soil for the development of digital industry marketing. On the other hand, with the continuous concentration of Internet media resources, the Internet for industrial marketing can help people collect the data from all aspects of the audience, making the resources needed for precision marketing more conveniently to obtain. With data mining, text analysis and other technologies, the audience's age, gender, browsing habits and other data are collected, and the consumer preferences are outlined, which achieve an overwhelming way to replace the previous extensive marketing methods.The e-commerce model of network camp model is analyzed through mathematical modeling of the marketing function. The product price, advertising investment, sales model design and logistics serve as the four variables of marketing network sales key explanatory variables. The price exert the biggest influence on network marketing, followed by advertising investment, logistics investment and design investment.


Digital economy, Digital marketing, E-commerce, Mathematical modeling