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Exploring the Relationship between Modern Cognitive Development Psychology and Neurobiology

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.002


Deyu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Deyu Zhang


The research of cognitive developmental psychology and neuroscience can not only make people understand the mystery of the body more deeply, but also provide effective premise for the exploration of origin. Among them, modern cognitive developmental psychology is one of the more mature subjects in psychology. After decades of development, actual research has changed from descriptive content to explanatory application, but there are few empirical analyses on neural basis or brain mechanism. Therefore, in the context of the deepening of cognitive neuroscience research, there are more and more links between modern cognitive developmental psychology and neurobiology, and an interdisciplinary discipline has been proposed, which allows researchers to conduct in-depth research on some issues of common interest. On the basis of understanding the content of psychological development in neuroscience, this paper clarified the main direction of the fusion research between modern cognitive development psychology and neurobiology, and thus determined the main direction of future research.


Cognitive development psychology, Neurobiology, Brain development, The spirit of science