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Comprehensive Evaluation of Public Space in Urban Villages from the Perspective of Social Network: A Case Study of Tangxia Village in Guangzhou

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2022.047


Guoyang Zhao, Yicheng Weng, Zicong Chen

Corresponding Author

Yicheng Weng


The existing evaluation studies on urban villages generally lack the evaluation of the current situation of public space from a sociological perspective. In this paper, we use AHP and SNA to construct a comprehensive evaluation system of public space in urban villages from the perspective of social networks, combining the main evaluation of "public space" and the synergistic evaluation of "social status". Taking Tangxia Village of Guangzhou as example, conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the ability of its public space to promote the healthy development of social networks, provides a theoretical basis for renovation strategy and guides the future renovation of public space in urban villages.


Social Network; Urban Village; Public Space; Comprehensive evaluation; Tang-xia village