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Development of the Investment Strategy of Huawei Company

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2022.029


Jinghan Wang

Corresponding Author

Jinghan Wang


This paper takes Huawei's investment development strategy as a breakthrough point to provide theoretical guidance and reference for enterprises to gain a strategic competitive advantage. First, the theory related to an investment strategy is described. Then, the investment structure of Huawei Technologies Co. Then, based on the previous research results and questionnaires, we analyze the financial and environmental factors in the development of Huawei's investment strategy and draw the PEST matrix and SWOT matrix accordingly. In addition, the investment strategy of Huawei is compared with that of the giant companies in the industry, and the characteristics of Huawei's investment strategy are derived. Finally, based on the previous analysis and research, propose corresponding countermeasures to optimize Huawei's investment strategy from internal and external perspectives.


Huawei; Investment strategy; Strategic competitive; PEST; SWOT