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A Study of Social Surrealism in Mika Rottenberg's Images

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2022.024


Song Jiayin

Corresponding Author

Song Jiayin


Surrealism emerged after the First World War. Surrealism advocates purely unconscious activities and records the authentic inner movements that are not controlled by reason or restricted by aesthetic ethics through oral language, writing, or other means. Surrealists care about the appearance of things but also pursue the inner supernatural and irrational spiritual self-expression. This article aims to study and discuss why and how Mika Rottenberg constructs and depicts a mysterious, absurd, and unique dream world in his video works through the comparative analysis of surrealist images and the study of related theories. Moreover, while explaining the cognition and understanding of this genre of video art, the article introduces it into personal video practice to realize the author's artistic pursuit and aesthetic ideal.


Society; Surrealism; Subconsciousness; Absurdity