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Research Progress on the Association between Sedentary Behavior and Musculoskeletal Health in Preschoolers

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.079


Xin Yuqi

Corresponding Author

Xin Yuqi


Sedentary behavior (SED) has been listed as one of the top ten causes of disease and death by the World Health Organization (WHO), and previous studies have pointed out that sedentary behavior will increase the risk of death. SED increases the prevalence of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, mental health and musculoskeletal disorders, and has a negative impact on the development of physical health. Children and adolescents are in an important period of growth and development, and their healthy is related to the future of the country, social stability, family and personal happiness. Scientific and effective guidance of the healthy development of their behavior and habits is one of the important contents to the Healthy China construction. Understanding the relationship between SED and musculoskeletal health of preschoolers is of great significance for children to establish fitness awareness and carry out targeted physical activities. The review focuses on preschool children in the critical period of growth and academic development, summarizes the association between SED and musculoskeletal system health of preschoolers, in order to enrich the research on the impact of SED on musculoskeletal system health, and provide theoretical and empirical basis for future research.


Preschoolers; Sedentary behavior; Musculoskeletal system