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The Rationale, the Current Situation and the Implementation of the Learning Assessment for the Moral Education Integrated into Higher Vocational English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.075


Yumei Wu, Xiaorong Teng

Corresponding Author

Yumei Wu


Integrating moral education into higher vocational college English has been specifically stated in the English Curriculum Standards for Higher Vocational Education (2021 Edition). To guarantee its effect and realize its learning objectives, this paper first elaborates the rationale for the moral education integrated into foreign language teaching and the application of formative assessment in foreign language course. Based on these rationales, focusing on the current situation in which most of the survey subjects fail to conduct the assessment in a satisfying manner, this paper proposes three main aspects of the assessment framework: (1) the content for assessment should be specified in terms of the moral educational elements, consistent with the teaching content; (2) the formative assessment should be adopted in either explicit or implicit ways according to the specific teaching content; (3) multiple subjects should be involved to meet the needs of giving feedback to students whenever necessary throughout the teaching process.


Learning Assessment, Formative Assessment, Integrating Moral Education into Higher Vocational English Teaching