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Alignment of CSE with CEFR on Language Listening Ability of Intermediate User

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.066


Zhanglong Mao

Corresponding Author

Zhanglong Mao


Language ability scale is an essential tool to assess language competence. This paper compares and analyses the listening descriptors in CEFR and CSE. Intermediate users and learners of English make up the majority of college students in China. The paper discloses that Can-do descriptions is the common descriptions in both scales through qualitative research. Quantitative research reveals that ratio of descriptors distribution of same level is significant in CEFR B2 to CSE level 6 and CEFR B1 to CSE level 5. This study is corner stone for further alignment research between language proficiency standards. Language teachers and intermediate language users and learner, college students specifically, can refer to the results of study in training of listening comprehension.


CEFR, CSE, Alignment, Listening Ability