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Practical Contents Design for the Curriculum Software Project Management

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.064


Hong He, Sumei Li, Changlong Jin, Jie Sun

Corresponding Author

Hong He


Software Project Management (SPM) is a compulsory curriculum for the major of software engineering, a limited curriculum for computer-related majors and a general curriculum for the other majors. It is one of the important courses for cultivating high-end IT talents and innovative and entrepreneurial ability. There are many knowledge points in this course, but not many teaching hours. At the same time, practice credits account for a large proportion. Therefore, the quality of the practical contents has a great impact on the quality of the course and whether the training goal can be achieved. As an example, the practice content design method of SPM is introduced with 1 credit of 18 teaching hours and 1 credit of 36 practice hours, emphasizing the use of project management software tools and international and domestic design standards. Let the students complete the given case requirements analysis report and design report using the IEEE SWEBOK document template. Some problems and solutions found in the practical guidance are list to raise concern.


SPM; Practice Content Design, IEEE SWEBOK, Document Template for the Software Engineering