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Research on Intelligent Self-Studying Room Based on IPPG Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.060


Jiaxi Li, Yuewen Xin, Junyao Zhao, Meng Zhang, Jialang Gu

Corresponding Author

Jiaxi Li


In view of the problems such as the shortage of learning space, environmental interference, and high learning pressure that commonly exist in colleges and universities at present, this paper analyzes the current research situation of IPPG technology and the market prospect of paid self-studying room, discusses the feasibility of IPPG based paid smart self-study room. The conclusion drawn from the research on market demand and technical support is that the paid smart study room technology is feasible and has a good application prospect. In addition, this paper designs the overall structure of paid smart self-study room. It can provide reference for the construction of smart study room.


IPPG, Intelligence, Sharing economy, Self-studying room, Mental health