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Study on the Transformation and Countermeasures of Teaching in General Universities under the Blended Teaching Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.058


Jiali Liao, Liming Liu

Corresponding Author

Jiali Liao


Along with the development of mobile Internet technology and the popularity of smartphones, the channels and ways for students to acquire knowledge have become rich and diverse and are no longer limited to offline classes. Implementing a "blended teaching" mode has become a trend of teaching reform in universities. Under the "blended teaching" mode, the teaching work of universities will change compared with the traditional teaching mode, and the specific conditions of students in different universities are also other. Taking public colleges and universities as the research target, we will analyze the changes brought by the implementation of blended teaching mode and put forward the solution strategies to cope with these changes by combining the learning characteristics of general college students.


Blended Teaching, General College Teaching, Transformation and Countermeasures