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Research on the impact of mobile social network users' quantified-self consciousness on online participation behavior——the regulatory role of relationship strength

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.047


Hong Jin, Wanfeng Wang, Jian Chen

Corresponding Author

Wanfeng Wang


With the rapid development of mobile social networks, the mass production of mobile wearable devices with data collection and monitoring functions provides technical support for consumers' quantitative self. The improvement of consumers' quantified-self consciousness promotes more and more consumers to participate in the action of quantifying the self. In recent years, academia and business circles have become increasingly interested and concerned about consumers' quantified-self. Therefore, it is of certain significance to explore how consumers' quantified-self consciousness affects their online participation behavior. Through literature review and research in this article, it is found that consumers' quantified-self consciousness has a positive effect on customer online participation behavior, and the relationship strength between the members of the consumer's circle plays a regulatory role. This study enriches the research on the influencing factors of quantified-self consciousness on customer online participation behavior to a certain extent, and provides management enlightenment for enterprise product R & D design and optimization, guiding consumers to participate in quantified-self.


Quantified-Self Consciousness, Relationship Strength, Customer Participation Behavior