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The Problems and Realization Path of Community Governance Unity Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.046


Yongjun Qu, Shitong Zhou

Corresponding Author

Yongjun Qu


Building community governance unity is an important issue of our time, and the concept of community governance unity is integrated into all aspects of community governance through the reshaping of the relationship between various subjects of community governance. At present, the problem of building community governance unity is characterized by low participation of residents in community governance, strong administrative colour of community governance, and divergent value orientation among multiple subjects, which has become a bottleneck to improve the effectiveness of community governance. Therefore, straightening out the relationship among various subjects and stimulating the governance vitality of grassroots government, social organizations, community autonomous organizations and residents is the "key code" to crack the current community governance unity building problem. On this basis, the path of community governance unity construction should be constructed to achieve the Pareto optimum of community governance effectiveness.


Community Governance, Unity Construction, Realization Path