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A Survey on the Self-efficacy of Geometry Learning among Grade 7 Students

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.045


Jiaojiao Wu, Zhiqin Huang

Corresponding Author

Jiaojiao Wu


As one of the four knowledge modules in junior high school, geometry is famous for its varied graphics and various methods. Combined with the current situation of mathematics and geometry learning in junior middle school, the self-efficacy of the seventh grade students was investigated and found that: (1) the seventh grade students' geometric self-efficacy is high, and there is a significant difference in gender.(2) There is a significant correlation between geometry self-efficacy and math performance, and there are some common problems in geometry learning among seventh graders. In view of these situations, the corresponding suggestions are put forward to improve the self-efficacy of seventh grade students in geometry learning.


Seventh Grade Students, Self-efficacy, Geometry Learning