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Influencing Girls' Career Choices: Basic Applications of Barbie Dolls

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.044


Tianheng Liu

Corresponding Author

Tianheng Liu


Since playing with toys is a large part of the young’s life, Barbie dolls play a vital role to the young girls. Prior researchers mainly focused on Barbie dolls’ influence on self-esteem and body-shape cognition. Even since researchers have identified the relationship between Barbie and career choices, they did not give detailed explanations of the relationship and suggestions to change the negative effect. How can barbie dolls be applied to influence young girls’ career choices? Playing with toys is proved to affect children’s career choices, and Barbie dolls largely affect girls’ gender and career recognition. If Barbie dolls can be applied to diversify girls’ career choices, gender-based career choices will be reduced. Consequently, the gender inequality in the job market will be better balanced.


Barbie Doll, Career Choices, Gender Inequality