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Construction of Talent Training Mode of "Promoting Ability through Competition and Collaborative Innovation" in Local Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.035


Guanglin Sun, Jiangchun Hu

Corresponding Author

Guanglin Sun


The current situation of discipline competition practice in local universities is analyzed. The main problems and deficiencies of “university, instructors and participating students" are pointed out. Based on the achievements of civil engineering discipline competition in recent years, the closed-loop collaborative practice mode of discipline competition with three subjects of "participating teachers, students, evaluation experts, organization and management department" is constructed. In this mode, the collaborative function of each subject is clarified. Practice has proved that the closed-loop coordination mode of discipline competition can enhance the innovation ability of engineering teachers and students in universities and improve the effect of discipline competition.


Local University, Discipline Competition, Promoting Ability through Competition, Collaborative Innovation, Training Mode