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Engineering Experience of College Teachers in China: Recent Situation and Improvement Strategies

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.034


Mingyue Li, Junxia Liu

Corresponding Author

Junxia Liu


The engineering practice ability, as the core of engineering professional talents, is under direct influence of college teachers by their practical engineering qualities. Thus, how to improve the practical engineering qualities of college teachers is an active topic deserving full attention. The paper firstly investigates the role of teachers’ engineering experience through a questionnaire among 108 undergraduate students in a university, whose finding indicates that overwhelming majority of the interviewees hold a favourable view towards teachers with engineering experience. We then review researches on the engineering experience of Chinese university teachers in recent years to elucidate the situation: over the past decade, progress has been made, yet there is still much to be improved in terms of teachers’ practical engineering ability. Such a state may be attributed to young teacher’s direct role shift from students without any hands-on experience and the recruitment criteria blocking up the experienced engineers’ entry to universities. To solve the issue, endeavours are to be made in rule and regulation perfection, team coaching and training, constructing experiment teaching resources based on modern information technology as well as the industry-university-research cooperation.


Engineering Practice Ability, Teachers, Modern Information Technology, Cooperation