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Research on the Multidimensional Influencing Factors of Information Literacy Education of Foreign Students

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.027


Yu Liu

Corresponding Author

Yu Liu


The continuous impact of COVID-19 pandemic has a great impact on the traditional offline teaching mode, especially the courses for foreign students. We measure and estimate dynamically the multidimensional factors that impact the effect and mechanism of online and offline blend teaching mode about information literacy of foreign students based on the empirical data, reveal the key problems existing in the current about the blend teaching mode, and provide quantitative reference and suggestions for teaching reform. At the same time, the empirical research based on the individual heterogeneity of foreign students has positive significance for the targeted expansion of online teaching resources, optimization of online teaching content, improvement of teaching quality, and improvement of after-school evaluation mechanism.


Blend Teaching Mode, Information Literacy, Eresouce