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The Enlightenment of Wordsworth’s Ecological View of Nature to Modern Society

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.020


Xiuye Zeng, Xintong Sun, Zhelin Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiuye Zeng


William Wordsworth, as one of the greatest poets in the 19th century British romantic literature, creates a large number of excellent poems with the important theme of nature in his life. Wordsworth is also widely known as the “nature poet”, and his poems reflect his unique ecological view of nature with different spiritual meanings and humanistic connotations. This paper analyzes the ecological view of nature in Wordsworth’s poetry and its enlightenment to the modern society. Man and nature are inseparable organisms. We should re-understand nature, attach importance to it and cherish it sincerely so as to realize the harmonious unity between man and nature.


Wordsworth, Ecological View of Nature, Modern Enlightenment