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Exploration and Practice of Tiered Customed Blending Learning Based on Data Center Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.017


Gang Chen, Hua Xiang, Zhicheng Li

Corresponding Author

Gang Chen


In the mixed teaching practice, this paper is based on the construction of a complete multi platform, multi-objective, gradient, personalized, refined and immersive teaching resource environment; The whole process of teaching and learning is recorded digitally, and the artificial intelligence algorithm is integrated synchronously to realize the personalized and refined real-time evaluation of students' learning status in the teaching process; Through the newly designed "mixed teaching data console", the "data flow" connects all links of course teaching schedule, students' autonomous learning and teachers' teaching control, so as to achieve effective control of teachers' teaching process; Through personalized and refined reconstruction from the five links of teaching, learning, management, testing and evaluation, an intelligent hierarchical personalized supervision and guidance system based on data fusion is established to achieve the personalized teaching goal in mixed teaching.


Mixed Teaching, Personalized Learning, Personalized Evaluation, Intelligent Teaching Control, Data Midrange