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Construction, Reflections, and Strategies on Online-Offline Blended Classroom Teaching Mode Based on Superstar Learning APP

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.005


Qiuzhong Ou

Corresponding Author

Qiuzhong Ou


With the progress of science and technology, information-based teaching becomes more and more important, and the online-offline blended teaching mode is more and more popular among teachers and students. Based on Superstar Learning APP, this paper has discussed mainly the construction and reflection of online-offline blended classroom teaching mode. Firstly, this paper has analyzed the background of “Internet+education” platform, then expounded the construction of online-offline blended teaching mode, and finally reflected on this teaching mode, and also put forward some suggestions and strategies. It is found that the online-offline blended teaching mode can maximize the curriculum information, stimulate students’ thinking and innovation ability, and play a significant role in promoting students’ autonomous learning ability.


internet+education, Superstar Learning APP (SLA), online-offline blended classroom teaching mode, reflections, strategies, construction