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Research on the integration ecosystem of education subject and education object under the background of artificial intelligence + education —Connotation and model construction

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.003


Yajun Lin

Corresponding Author

Yajun Lin


Artificial intelligence has changed the space-time structure of educational activities. It has broadened the forms and scenes of learning, extended the existing forms of learning resources, and broken through the relationship between the subject and object of traditional education teaching and learning, which has brought great changes of educational idea and learning idea. Based on the current situation of the development of artificial intelligence education practice and education theory, this paper puts forward the connotation and model construction of ecological integration system of artificial intelligence + education subject and education object. It constructs education subject ecosystem, education object ecosystem and artificial intelligence ecosystem, which are not only independent in theory, technology, culture, application, but also mutually integrated development model of coexistence, symbiosis, and cross integration.


Artificial intelligence, Education Subject, Education object, Integrated Ecosystem