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A Study of Traditional Villages and Red-Brick Residential Dwellings in Xiamen —Take the Case of Yuanqian Village in Haicang District, Xiamen

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.002


Zhaoyi Ye, Jin Tao

Corresponding Author

Jin Tao


Southern Fujian is located in the southeast coast of China, after the Central Plains culture, farming culture and marine culture collide and blend with each other, forming the world-famous Southern Fujian culture. As an important carrier and representative of Southern Fujian culture, Xiamen traditional villages and red-brick residential dwellings has a unique language. This paper takes Yuanqian Village as an example, and through field investigation, observation and recording, studies the origin of the village, the form of the village and the spatial layout of traditional dwellings, then analyzes the building elements and humanistic constitutive elements of traditional red-brick residential dwellings in terms of building pattern, roof, structure, decoration and color.


Xiamen, Traditional Village, Yuanqian Village, Red-Brick Residential Dwellings, Haicang District