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Design and Development of "IC Campus Second-hand Book Market" Campus Public Welfare Platform Based on WeChat Mini Program

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.052


Qianru Wu

Corresponding Author

Qianru Wu


With the rapid development of the Internet+, the public welfare industry on campus has also shown a high degree of digital innovation. This project focuses on the integration of second-hand books public welfare projects on campus and WeChat mini program platforms. In order to provide a browsing and releasing platform for second-hand books, e-books and campus information for students in the school, the author designed and completed WeChat Mini Program“IC Campus Second-Hand Book Market”based on the WeChat application.The students can freely trade and public second-hand books, e-books, information on the campus public welfare platform, creating an environment-friendly and economical campus culture, improving the utilization rate of old books, realizing the reuse of old things, saving limited resources, and improving the utilization rate of old books.This project contributes a new beneficial exploration for the development of campus public welfare projects in China by means of WeChat mini program in middle school.


WeChat Mini Program, Campus Second-Hand Book Market, Public Welfare Platform