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How Vaccine News Affects Analysis of Its Company’s Stock Market: Based on Pfizer’s Big Data Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.051


Runlin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Runlin Zhang


The COVID-19 epidemic is a devastating public health crisis around the world and many countries are suffering from the spread of its virus. In this new crown pneumonia epidemic In love, China and the United States are the two most concerned countries in the world.A breakthrough has been made in the development of a vaccine for coronary pneumonia. However, the new Corona vaccine’s false and misinformation symbiosis, the public opinion environment is bad, the public.There are many adverse reactions to the effectiveness of the new crown vaccine and vaccination.There are widespread concerns. But the countless challenges that media organizations face in journalismIn the face of war and crisis, he showed his tenacity and adaptability. Noodle In such an environment, how should the public media treat vaccine reports?So there should be a continuing demand for the COVID-19 vaccine in the industry of vaccine and drug. Taking the Pfizer company as an example, this paper discusses in a detail how the vaccine production affects its companies’ stock market.


Vaccine, Stock market, Pfizer