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Datong City Branding White Paper: Look at Datong Again

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.049


Yuhan Liu

Corresponding Author

Yuhan Liu


Datong, located on the Loess Plateau in northern China, has rich coal resources, historical remains, and Buddhist cultural heritages. However, Datong’s public image has always been “the city of coal,” overshadowing its cultural and historical value. The public stereotype and flat city image impede Datong’s public recognition and the development of Datong’s tourism. In China, city branding is now officially operated by national and city governments as an indispensable part of city planning and development. However, the city branding under the government’s regulation fails to follow the market dynamics and actual needs of cities. Instead, city identities described in official documents are rigid and similar around the country because they are made according to national development trends such as ecological city economy. This highlights the importance of rebranding Datong from the local society and then further expanding to a broader audience. This essay will focus on the principles and strategies on the road of reconstructing Datong image.


Datong City, City Branding, Contiguous Principles, Branding Strategies