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Study on the Influence of Attitudes and Beliefs—How Others’ Opinions Will Trigger Hatred

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.042


Xu Xiaolei

Corresponding Author

Xu Xiaolei


This paper focuses on the psychological concepts of attitudes and beliefs to explore the formation of opinion, the conflicts in people's lives that arise from anger and those that arise from hatred, and the reasons for the aversion to others’ opinions. People are likely to see their own perceptions based on attitudes and beliefs as truth, which is an important reason for hatred. The paper focuses on the causes and effects of hate formation, using examples of individual and collective hate at both the public and political levels, from which it explores the role of psychology as a guide to curbing angry hate and forming good interpersonal relationships. The next question we should urgently respond to is what to do about hateful attitudes and beliefs in our society given the threat to others’ lives and wellbeing that hatred poses.


Attitudes, Beliefs, Hatred