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The Effects of Colonialism on British India and British Malaya

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.041


Wang Lanqing

Corresponding Author

Wang Lanqing


The British Empire has constructed extensive railways, vectors of economic modernization, which has greatly improved the capacity and speed of long-distance transportation. Colonial education, has implemented with the intention of maintaining British rule, trained local intellectuals and facilitated political modernization after independence. However, such modern infrastructures are put into place to further exploitation. By and large, there has been some good brought through the British Empire, but only as a by-product of a colonial system that also has brought harm. In this essay, I briefly examine education systems and railroad infrastructure in two distinct colonies, British India and British Malaya, to illustrate and compare the effects of British colonialism.


Colonialist Ideology, British Colonialism, Railroad Construction, Education System