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Research on Organization Setup and Team Construction in University Administration

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.033


Yuan Zhao

Corresponding Author

Yuan Zhao


The administration of institution of higher learning serves the daily affairs of schools, solves the teaching problems of schools, captures the teaching quality of teachers and creates favourable conditions for students' study, which is the bounden duty of administrative staff. The administration of institution of higher learning is an important part of the daily work of institution of higher learning. As a social organization, institution of higher learning set up certain management institutions and formulate a series of systems. Only by building and owning an administrative team with high ideological quality, knowledge of education, good at management, innovative meaning and reasonable structure can scientific management be realized and the education quality and scientific research level be improved. Institution of higher learning is supposed do a good job in the training of administrative staff like teacher training, and strive to make the training of administrative staff be carried out in a planned, required and step-by-step manner. In the process of building administrative staff in institution of higher learning, relevant leaders should strictly enforce the system of personnel selection, so as to realize the personnel management system of total amount control, setting up posts according to needs, meritocracy, salary based on posts, etc., and establish the personnel who take post management and performance management as the centre, have clear rights and responsibilities, are able to get up and down, change posts and pay.


Colleges and universities; Administrative management; Organization setting; Team building