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Multi-airport approach operation mode in Beijing terminal area

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.032


Yingzhuo Zhang, Haochen Shi

Corresponding Author

Yingzhuo Zhang


With the rapid development of China's civil aviation transportation industry, the air traffic flow is constantly increasing, and the capacity of some busy airports is approaching saturation, which leads to the imbalance of airport capacity and flow, flight delays and other problems. Increasing the number of runways in airports and building new airports are the main means to alleviate the capacity demand. More and more airports in China have started or have increased the number of runways to solve the above problems. Due to the limited airport area and investment cost, compared with the long-distance parallel runways, in most cases, they will choose to build short-distance parallel runways. The near parallel runway (CSPR) has the characteristics of less construction land and higher capacity than a single runway. Pairing is an operation mode to improve the capacity of close parallel runway. However, due to the lag of domestic related research and regulations/standards, CSPR capacity is not significantly increased compared with single runway, which affects the airport transportation capacity. At present, only the isolated parallel running mode is used for the short-distance parallel runway in China. Although this running mode keeps a large safety margin, it reduces the capacity of the runway. Therefore, it is urgent to study the running mode that can improve the capacity of the short-distance parallel runway.


Terminal area; Airport; Approach operation mode