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Practice and Thinking of Agricultural Financial Institutions Supporting Green Development

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.026


Mingge Na

Corresponding Author

Mingge Na


In the 21st century, facing the double challenges of economic growth and sustainable development, banking supervision departments take the lead in formulating green credit policies, so as to guide banking financial institutions to take environmental and social sustainable development into account in credit decision-making, and then strengthen banking risk management and expand green financial products and services. Strengthening the cooperation between finance department and science and technology department is to solve this bottleneck. The best choice. As the only state-owned agricultural policy bank in China that implements relevant national policies, China Agricultural Development Bank has an unshirkable responsibility and obligation to better support the popularization of agricultural science and technology in China. Among the many elements of agricultural industrialization, the role of capital is extremely important. The development of agricultural industrialization requires the participation and financial support of governments, policy oriented financial institutions, commercial banks, rural cooperative financial organizations and their individuals. At present, insufficient financial support is a prominent problem in the development of agricultural industrialization. In combination with the actual situation and experience of Area A, put forward relevant suggestions on how to better promote the green credit development of Agricultural Bank of China Branch A.


Agricultural policy, financial institution, Green development, Agricultural policy finance