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Exploring the Integration and Innovative Development of "Four Histories" Education and Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universitiese

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.024


Liping Meng

Corresponding Author

Liping Meng


As an political thought educator in institution of higher learning, we need to think about how to effectively and efficiently integrate the "four histories" education into the education work in daily political thought education, so that students can know, read and understand history. The education of "Four Histories" provides theoretical sources for political thought education, and political thought education provides practical approaches for the education of "Four Histories". The theoretical course of political thought education is a key course for building morality and cultivating people. By integrating the "four histories" education into the political thought education in institution of higher learning, students can be familiar with the prosperous experience of the Communist Party of China in its centenary; It will enable students to understand the experience of strengthening the country from weak to strong in New China. The "four histories" cultural resources can provide a practical learning platform for the political thought theory course, help university students better understand the past, grasp the present, and predict the future in historical stories, stimulate university students' interest in learning theoretical knowledge, and promote university students' internalization of theoretical knowledge. Therefore, when carrying out the relevant education activities of "Four Histories", they only stayed on the surface and did not cover all students. Even some students did not know what the specific content of "Four Histories" education was, which proves that the understanding of the importance of "Four Histories" education needs to be greatly enhanced.


Education of "Four Histories", Colleges and universities, Political thought education, Integration and innovation