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Research on the operational mechanism and connotation construction of teaching team construction of agronomy specialty in colleges and universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.021


Qingchun Chen, Lushan Wu, Feng Jiang, Pengfei Liu, Zili Zhang, Gegen Bao, Chunmei Li

Corresponding Author

Qingchun Chen


The construction of excellent teaching teams in agricultural colleges and universities is of great significance to the professional development of teachers and the improvement of talent training. With the development of higher education in China, colleges and universities have invested more and more human and material resources in teaching. In order to ensure teaching quality, various colleges and universities have taken the construction of teaching teams as the driving force of teaching reform. Under the new situation, how to further deepen the teaching reform, establish an effective team cooperation mechanism, strengthen the discipline construction and teacher team construction, speed up scientific and technological innovation, and cultivate high-level talents for the country to adapt to the development of modern agriculture still needs in-depth research and exploration. This paper analyzes the team building, operation mechanism and connotation construction of crop science teaching team in a university.


Teaching team, Agriculture, Team building