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The Application Strategies of Students' Cognitive Ideas in Chinese-English Translation Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.017


Hongbo Yu

Corresponding Author

Hongbo Yu


Translation course is an important course for senior college students, and translation teaching is to improve students' translation practice ability. Traditional translation teaching focuses on improving students' language ability, confusing translation teaching with teaching translation, but students' translation ability has not been greatly improved. The translation view of cognitive linguistics holds that language conversion in translation is only external and superficial, and cognitive operation is internal and deep. Therefore, based on the analysis of students' cognitive ideas, this paper discusses the application strategies of students' cognitive ideas in Chinese-English translation teaching. The purpose is to reveal the cognitive essence of translation and strengthen the idea that the translation is the product of the cognitive process of the translator's brain, which includes bilingual and bicultural interpretation and how to express it in the target language. Strengthening the cultivation of thinking and cognitive ability is to better master and use translation skills and achieve more efficient translation behavior. This study is expected to improve students' translation level and provide practical ideas for the transformation of translation teaching.


Students' cognitive ideas; Chinese-English translation; Questionnaire investigation