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Optimization and Popularization of Old-age Service Management under Forest Health+Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.016


Zhihua Yang, Ling Hu

Corresponding Author

Zhihua Yang


Harmonious development between man and nature is the long-term goal of China, and forest health care is a new policy recently put forward in view of the serious aging and the fact that most people are basically in sub-health. Forest health mainly refers to the rational development and construction of forest resources to carry out activities such as forest recreation, vacation, recuperation, health care and old-age care, so as to improve people's health. This paper puts forward some effective suggestions on China's forest health care mainly from the international trend and existing problems of forest health care, hoping to help promote the optimization and promotion of old-age service management under the forest health care model.


Forest Health+Mode, Old-age service