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Research on the Path of Cross-Border E-Commerce to Promote the "External Circulation" of China's Economy under the Background of "The Belt and Road"

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.014


Xiaoyuan Li

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyuan Li


Focus on global economic development and China's circular economy development, thoughts as the context, the evolution of circular economy thoughts can be divided into three stages: embryonic stage, birth stage and rapid development stage. After the idea of circular economy was put forward, scholars at home and abroad regarded circular economy as a part of ecological economics, and then did a lot of single research on legislation, model, technology and application of production process and use efficiency of resources, energy and products in economic activities. With the increasing prominence of world resources and environmental issues, the international community has reached consensus on sustainable development strategies. As an important way to implement the strategy of sustainable development, circular economy has attracted increasing attention. This paper discusses the model of building a society with sustainable economic development from the perspective of the overall economic cycle of the society. It can be seen that in the context of the "Belt and Road", cross-border e-commerce and all sectors of the economy and society have made common progress and played a huge role in promoting the "external cycle" of China's economy. But for circular economy, it is the most necessary to implement correct decision-making, reasonably use reasonable mechanisms, and use correct order to regulate. The benefits of circular economy are very large, but because of this, relevant departments use.


"The Belt and Road", Cross-border e-commerce, "External circulation"