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Theoretical and practical research on the integration of Chinese traditional culture into the teaching of higher vocational finance courses under the concept of course ideology and politics

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.013


Qian Wang

Corresponding Author

Qian Wang


The finance major in vocational colleges takes it as its duty to cultivate high-quality financial technical talents with both moral and technical skills, and the ideology and politics education in course should adhere to knowledge imparting and value leading. The value core of the wealth concept carried by the finance course is highly consistent with the hot spots of public opinion under the epidemic situation, such as donations, fake sales, etc., which can easily lead to speculation. Taking this as a starting point, we should inherit the traditional educational wisdom, absorb the essence of modern education, and integrate the current teaching thoughts. "Ideology and politics education through course" is the national strategic deployment of ideology and politics work in Chinese universities in the new period, and it is also an important concept and innovative guidance for universities to cultivate people with moral integrity and all-round education. Implement the fundamental task of Building Morality and cultivating talents, put forward new requirements for the teaching of finance major in Higher Vocational Education under the new development pattern in terms of educational theory and practice, and put forward targeted optimization schemes by analyzing the shortcomings of the traditional major training logic; From the aspects of content carrier, promotion strategy and teaching evaluation reform, this paper demonstrates the specific path of training logic optimization of financial specialty in vocational colleges. "Based on the attribute of Higher Vocational finance education, embedding Chinese traditional culture into specific teaching is not only the practical need of practicing course ideology and politics, but also the need to improve college students' professional ability and professional ethics. Therefor, this paper explores the value, problems and Countermeasures of integrating Chinese traditional culture education into the financial class of Higher Vocational Colleges under the ideology and politics background of the course, and cultivates high-quality and applied vocational talents.


Chinese traditional culture; higher vocational finance course teaching; course ideology and politics; theoretical and practical research