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Research on User Interface design Innovation and Development Path in the Era of Convergent Media

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.011


Yan Sun

Corresponding Author

Yan Sun


User Interface design is produced with the emergence of various digital media terminals. Its main function is to convey product information to the majority of users and bring intuitive and understandable information experience to the public. It has become the product of the times of emerging industries, and its importance has become increasingly prominent. As an industrial design, it is a typical combination of "Art" and "Technology". With the advent of the digital age, the old information transmission mode is gradually changing or dissolving. Therefore, designing an effective system that starts with user emotion and aims to achieve an interface style can better increase the user experience. This paper analyzes the extensive influence of media technology on the design concept and design method in the mobile terminal interface design, and puts forward the new demands of mobile terminal users for integration, emotion and personalization. The mobile terminal interface design in the era of integrated media needs to have innovative design features. Only by combining personalized and diversified customized experience with emotional experience can the innovative needs of the design be met.


Fusion media; User Interface design; Movable terminal