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Reconstruction and Innovation of Health Communication under Network Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.009


Huaidong Meng

Corresponding Author

Huaidong Meng


In the era of new media, the use of traditional media for health publicity work encounters a bottleneck, and the communication pattern under the integration of media presents new challenges to health work. The use of new media reduces the trust in doctors and increases the difficulty of public access to health information to a certain extent, but does not promote the occurrence of healthy behaviors and effectively improve the quality of information dissemination between doctors and patients. The related factors affecting health behavior and the quality of doctor-patient communication are presented, and suggestions for future development and improvement of health communication are put forward. Taking health communication as the research object, based on the analysis of the practical difficulties of public communication such as "information droplet" "decentralization of communicators" and "social media of mass life" and starting from the re cognition of the classic paradigm of health communication - "knowledge, faith and action", this paper puts forward a plan to meet the challenge, which is to realize the transformation from publicity to dialogue, from information flow to relationship network Concept innovation and paradigm transformation from interest community to value community.


Health communication; Media reconstruction; innovate