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Exploration of English Teaching Reform from the Perspective of Multicultural Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.008


Wei Ma

Corresponding Author

Wei Ma


With the development of multi-cultural concepts, the indoctrination teaching which was taught by teachers and passively accepted by students in the past can not meet the needs of improving students' cross-cultural understanding ability and cultivating their comprehensive language ability.Therefore, according to the needs of college students' development, we can integrate multicultural thoughts and carry out English multicultural teaching activities for college students, so as to cultivate college students' English multicultural awareness, make college students pay attention to multicultural learning, and then cultivate college students' intercultural communication ability.With the multi-cultural teaching mode, according to the current deficiencies of College English teaching, we should realize the innovation of College English teaching, improve the quality of College English teaching, and cultivate college students' English language ability.


Multicultural education, English education, Reform in education