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Research system of modern Chinese herbal compound based on drug combination

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.006


Cuimei Liu

Corresponding Author

Cuimei Liu


Drug property is a common angle and important means to study drug compatibility. Exploring the law of drug property compatibility can deeply reveal the connotation of compatibility from the essence of drugs and increase the credibility and understanding of traditional Chinese medicine. Relevant research has been carried out in theory, experiment, clinical and other aspects. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is an important basis for guiding the clinical use of traditional Chinese medicine. The traditional Chinese medicine can be summarized as four Qi, five flavor, meridian, ups and downs, and so on. According to different drug properties, drugs have their own efficacy and characteristics. Sex effect relationship is to study the relationship between drug properties and efficacy. On the one hand, it explains the relationship between sex and efficacy; On the other hand, it is proposed that the research direction of sex effect relationship should be analyzed systematically from the aspects of characteristics and clinical application value. It is difficult to fully reflect the law of drug use based on the drug properties of traditional Chinese medicine if the research is limited to a single drug or two kinds of drugs (gas and taste). This paper discusses the research of modern Chinese medicine compound prescription based on the combination of medicinal properties, which is of great significance.


Drug combination; Traditional Chinese medicine; Chinese herbal compound