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Research on Innovation and Reform Path of Mathematics Teaching in Colleges and Universities under Internet Big Data Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2022.004


Deng Xuesong

Corresponding Author

Deng Xuesong


The use of the Internet is becoming more and more widespread in today's society, where it has an impact on every facet of people's lives and pervades every part of their daily life and employment. Under the influence of the internet plus, education should keep pace with technological advancements, and Internet information technology should be incorporated into college mathematics at the university level in order to increase students' learning effectiveness for math concepts and raise the bar for high school mathematics instruction. It has been challenging to address the demands of students for growth using the traditional teaching method since the advent of the Internet. When conducting instructional activities in the classroom, college mathematics instructors should further enhance their teaching strategies and use adaptable teaching techniques. mathematics. College mathematics classroom teaching encounters issues including outdated concepts, inappropriate techniques, a lack of engagement, and dull content, which have a direct impact on the teaching outcome. These issues are caused by the influence of teaching materials, teaching ideas, and other variables. Therefore, in order to better realize the innovative development of college mathematics classroom teaching, we should examine the problem of teaching college mathematics from the perspective of the "Internet, Teaching" era, optimize the teaching concept with Internet thinking, and optimize the teaching process and mode with Internet technology. Internet usage serving as the backdrop, updating the curriculum To make the teaching content more relevant and focused, schools and universities should base their teaching practices on current events, their own level of construction and administration, and their understanding of the demands of the industry and their students. Utilize the fairness and transparency of the Internet to your advantage, actively alter your connection with your pupils, and create a productive, equitable, and harmonious environment for learning. The level of education and teaching must be progressively improved by increasing process management, while universities and instructors must make full use of Internet technologies, optimize teaching strategies, reform the evaluation system, and change the way assessments are conducted.


Internet; higher education in the environment of big data; mathematics teaching in colleges and universities; research on the path of learning innovation and reform