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Development and Insights from the USSF Satellite Equipment for Space Objective Surveillance

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2022.017


Sishi Dai, Li Jiang, Yinan Hu, Heng Wu

Corresponding Author

Sishi Dai


The USSF attaches great importance to the research and development and acquisition of satellite equipment, especially in the area of space objective surveillance, to provide critical support for its control of other nations' space activities, real-time assessment of space security threats, space countermeasures, and the pursuit of space control. This paper provides an overview of the USSF' extensive surveillance network in terms of the next generation of the “Next Generation Overhead Persistent Infrared” (OPIR) satellite system, the continuing development of the SBSS, and the ongoing refinement of the SBIRS. It also systematically describes the characteristics of the USSF' satellite equipment space objective surveillance development from the aspects of space surveillance system technology focusing on integration and construction, more lethal GSSAP, and emphasis on missile tracking, and proposes inspirations for our military space objective surveillance.


space objective surveillance; space-based infrared systems; next generation OPIR early warning satellites; situational awareness