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Non Linear Relation: the Design of Deriving Physical Equations and Distributing Them with 3D Modeling

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2022.016


Guoxian Wang

Corresponding Author

Guoxian Wang


In this paper, the physical equation is used to derive the formula and then explore. It is found that there is a certain relationship between the formula and the solution value, and the three-dimensional space can be used to distribute them to design the structure diagram, so as to model to express the nonlinear relationship between them. Its innovation lies in that on the basis of the three-dimensional relationship, it is supposed to design a "three-dimensional" columnar object to establish the relationship between the distribution of their affiliations, so as to promote the establishment of physical equations in the three-dimensional spatial relationship method, and strengthen the understanding of physical equations so that they can be better used.


formula derivation; 3D; Nonlinear relation