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Research on Logistics Avoidance Strategy of Campus Unmanned Distribution Based on Markov Decision Process

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2022.011


Fumin Mi, Bingqi Wang, Caiyi Wang

Corresponding Author

Fumin Mi


In the campus environment, the tools currently used for distribution include a considerable number of unmanned logistics vehicles. These unmanned logistics vehicles are prone to walking difficulties in the process of walking on campus because of the flow of people on campus. It is very complex, and various road conditions will invalidate unmanned logistics vehicles' avoidance strategy. Based on the above situation, this paper uses the Markov decision-making process to improve the algorithm for the traditional campus unmanned logistics and the avoidance strategy of the delivery vehicle. The distribution logistics route is fitted so that the unmanned logistics distribution vehicle is more intelligent and the structure is more effective.


Unmanned logistics vehicle; Campus unmanned logistics distribution; Human-vehicle interaction; Path planning