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Access Control of Social Network based on Blockchain Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2022.006


Liu Jianlan, Zhu Li, Xiong Guang, Li Yan, Xu Zhengze

Corresponding Author

Liu Jianlan


Social network is the innovation of modern information communication mode. On the one hand, it is not only because social networks realize the perfect mapping of social relations in the virtual world in the real world.On the other hand, its good malleability and openness further expand point-to-peer to complex interpersonal networks. Users upload personal information on the platform, which includes public data and private data, and the data is stored on a centralized server. Users' data is used by the platform without their knowledge. Meanwhile, technical loopholes increase the risk of privacy leakage. When user privacy leaks are frequent, they bring considerable losses to users and platforms, and the attention to privacy has become more and more a problem that cannot be ignored today. Every year, about 80 million people's privacy is stolen.The development of blockchain technology has led people to consider applying new technologies to the privacy security of social networks. Technically asymmetric block encryption protects the confidentiality of user data; decentralized technologies will be used to establish decentralized database systems and consensus mechanisms to protect data integrity, a more secure storage method than traditional technologies. In social networks, the application of clustering technology focuses on data protection, data security storage, and authentication to meet the basic needs of user data protection and security. Data protection and security issues are becoming increasingly apparent, and the public begins to understand their privacy and security. The technologies used in blockchain can bring new changes to centralized social networks in traditional environments. The paper uses literature research, quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis methods to elaborate the basic theories of "blockchain" and "social network", and designs the private data processing scheme based on blockchain technology. The results show that blockchain has high performance characteristics in processing private data.


Blockchain Technology, Social Networking, Data Privacy Protection, Social Network Privacy