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Data Analysis Method of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education based on Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2022.004


Lu Bai, Li Zhu, Yan Li, Siyu Wu, Xuan Yu

Corresponding Author

Lu Bai


Innovation and entrepreneurship play an important role in leading industrial development, scientific and technological development, promoting economic growth, creating new employment opportunities, releasing market vitality and building an innovative country. This paper summarizes the IAEE and BDA methods, discusses the current situation of IAEE in CAU, analyzes the training and practical objectives of IAEE, and analyzes the participation of students of different grades in innovation and entrepreneurship projects and competitions. The results showed that the participation of the 1~4 grade college students was on the rise, mainly due to the gradual opening of the entrepreneurship education curriculum for college students, the innovation and entrepreneurship training of Internet plus students and the promotion of challenge cup.


Big Data, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education, Data Analysis Methods and Practical Objectives